Access prior knowledge, check for understanding, and give exit tickets

What teachers do:

  • Click “+” on the blue path, then select “Ask question”.
  • Display the underlined code to get students into the lesson.
  • Project and go through student response by clicking on the card, then using left and right arrow keys.
  • Call on students to verbally elaborate and explain projected responses.
  • You can assign instant grades as well.
  • Post more questions to the right, on the blue path.

What students do:

  • Enter in the code to get into the lesson.
  • Students only need to enter the code once per year; SKIES saves it and the next time they log in, they have access to the entire course.
  • Click “Answer question.”
  • Click the media icon to include pictures, drawings, recordings, etc.

Did you know?

  • You can double-click on any card to present it full screen.
  • You can add media to your questions by pressing the Speaker icon while editing.
  • You can use the Switches on your card to turn reveal/hide your questions.
  • You can use the Card Filter to view submissions by a particular student.
  • You can use Language Goggles to let ELL students view in a different language.
  • You can use Page View to print out individual cards.

Video demonstration