Get students to learn from each other, and practice digital citizenship

What teachers do:

  • Keep “Allow collaboration” on when posting a card.
  • Notice that students can see each others’ responses.
  • Project and go through responses.
  • Ask students to elaborate and explain.
  • Encourage students to leave appropriate comments on each other’s responses.

What students do:

  • Post their response.
  • Review their classmates’ responses.
  • Leave comments on or extend their classmates’ responses.

Did you know?

  • Teachers often make engage or prior knowledge questions collaborative, and assessment questions non-collaborative.
  • To have students work in jigsaw groups, post cards titled “Group 1,” “Group 2,” etc. on the blue path, along with instructions.
  • You can switch a card from “No collaboration” to “Collaboration” by using the … menu underneath each card.
  • You can publicize/un-publicize a student’s submission by clicking on the blue/gray circle next to their name.
  • You can delete cards by pressing Select on them, then pressing Delete.
  • Other applications: design critiques, debates, collaborative stories.

Video demonstration