Schoology integration

If you’re an LAUSD teacher, you can sync SKIES to your Schoology gradebook

This integration works well if you don’t have split rosters, and if in each Schoology course, all sections share the same lessons. If this is not the case, contact for assistance.

Setting up the integration

  • Visit, and log in to SKIES.
  • On the upper-right corner of the page, click “Signed in as …”, and select Schoology.
  • Give approval for SKIES to connect to your Schoology account.
  • If your students are NOT using Google to log in, press “Create new accounts” to make SKIES accounts for them.
  • Go through your courses, and click on the blue switches to turn off any you won’t be using with SKIES (e.g. Sandbox courses).
  • On the upper-left corner of the page, click “Courses,” and you will see courses labeled “Schoology”
  • Create all your lessons in these courses.
  • Video demonstration

Assigning grades

  • Go to the lesson you want to grade.
  • Decide which questions you will grade, and what the maximum # of points in the lesson will be.
  • Click “Grade” on any response card.
  • Select a number from 0-4, or “Other” for a higher number.
  • You may also assign grades by going to the upper right-hand corner of the lesson page, selecting …, then Gradebook; or by selecting …, then Page View.
  • Video demonstration

Syncing grades

  • Click “Signed in as …” and select Schoology.
  • Go through the lessons, and leave on (blue switch) only the ones you want to sync.
  • For each lesson, set the maximum # of points in SKIES, the maximum number of points in Schoology (it scales automatically), the grading category, and the grading period.
  • Click “Sync grades” to sync grades for all the SKIES lessons in the course.
  • Video demonstration

Copying or moving lessons to your Schoology courses

  • Go to the course you want to copy or move lessons from.
  • Click “Organize lessons,” then click on all the lessons you want to transfer. There is a select all button in case you want to transfer all lessons.
  • Select “Copy” or “Move”, then select “Other Courses”, then select the Schoology course.
  • Click on the class names (e.g. My Class, Period 1, etc.) on the left, then click on the class names on the right (e.g. My Class, Period 1, etc.), to pair them and transfer over student work.
  • Click “Transfer lesson and student work”, click “Paste”, and click “Done.”
  • Video demonstration