Post quick instructions or information for students

What teachers do:

  • Click “+” on the blue path, then click “Enter Text.”
  • Type in instructions or information.
  • Click the media icon to include pictures, drawings, recordings, etc.
  • Encourage students to press the lightbulb on a card if they are enlightened, and the lightbulb if they are confused.
  • Click on the lightbulb + question mark icon on top of the card to review student sentiment.

What students do:

  • Press the lightbulb or question mark under a card to indicate their understanding.
  • Post questions underneath slides, publicly or as private messages.
  • Post notes underneath slides, publicly or as private messages.

Did you know?

  • Teachers often alternate between slides and question cards.
  • You can import PowerPoint slides or Google Slide pdfs by clicking “+”, “Import Document”, “Separate cards”.
  • Teachers sometimes import existing slide decks, then insert SKIES questions at key points.

Video demonstration