Using iPads

We have an excellent app called Skies Learn

If you have a personal iPad

  • Open the App Store, search for “Skies Learn”, and download the app.

If you are at LAUSD, PUSD, or SGUSD, and your iPad is managed by the district

  • Ask your IT person to push Skies Learn onto your school’s iPads using the AirWatch Mobile Device Management System.
  • If you have no IT person, or he/she does not know about AirWatch, you will need to contact an administrator who has access.
  • If you are at LAUSD, you can submit a ticket to request AirWatch MDM Admin Access Request.
  • We can help with any of the above steps! Email for assistance.

If you can’t install apps on your iPad

  • Open Safari or Chrome and visit
  • You will not be able to record audio or take videos with the web version running on iOS.
  • You can draw, and you can take pictures by selecting “Import from file … Picture.”
  • Please email for help getting SKIES installed on your iPad.